Diamond hunting begins in parts of Andhra's Rayalaseema region

 andhrapradesh | Written by : IANS Updated: Thu, Jun 08, 2023, 11:06 AM

Amaravati, June (IANS) Diamond hunting has begun in parts of Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh after a farmer reportedly found a precious stone worth Rs 2 crore.

Hunting for precious stones started in the agricultural fields between Guntakal and Pathikonda areas on the border between Anantapur and Kurnool districts.

A farmer in Basinepalli, of Tuggali Mandal (block) found a diamond while he was involved in farming operations for the upcoming kharif season. He reportedly sold the diamond to a trader at Rs 2 crore.

This is not the first time that a farmer has hit the jackpot. Parts of Kurnool and Anantapur districts are known for diamond hunting during monsoon season every year.

Local people and diamond traders believe that these diamonds surface when the first rains of the season wash away the top layer of the soil.

Rayalaseema was known for trading precious stones and diamonds during the Vijayanagara empire.

Areas like Vajrakarur, Tuggali, Jonnagiri, Maddikera, Pagidirai, Peravali, Mahanadi and Mahadevapuram are favourite for the diamond hunters.

Diamond hunters from various parts of Telugu states thronged these areas to try their luck and make money.

Hotels and lodges in Gooty town of Anantapur district see an increase in footfall as diamond hunters head to the town to try their luck. Some people also stay in makeshift tents in open areas between June and September.

Three diamond hunters had found precious stones worth Rs 2.4 crore in Jonnagiri village in 2021. Last year, a farmer reportedly sold a precious stone for about Rs 40 lakh. Another farmer is said to have sold a 30-carat diamond for Rs 1.4 crore.